1. Collectively produce art
  2. Establish a collective of artists
  3. Create community commons
  4. Generate documentation for other artist collectives to organize
  5. Generate income for artists and the maintenance of the collective




  • Conflux
  • Collective Budgeting
  • Consensus and Consent Decision Making
  • Rotational Responsibility
  • Reparational Funding
  • Collective Mythmaking


  1. Membership Guidelines
  2. Voting Guidelines




ANANSI REVOLUTIONARY COLLECTIVE is a Pan-African group of artists distributed throughout the world that collaborate with each other on art and work. We co-steward a commons, follow the ANANSI philosophy, experiment with collaborative practices, and are building a participatory governance model.

We are artists, activists, anarchists, inventors, economists, guerrilla theorists, creatives, creators, and collaborators. We are distibuted throughout the globe, and step with ease between the many worlds we inhabit. We are both trans- and anti-disciplinary, and together we are greater than the sum of our parts.


    • The ANANSI Revolutionary Collective (ARC000) is a pro-Black, pan-African arts collective.
    • Members collectively steward a commons of:
      • material resources (money, equipment)
      • infrastructure (ANANSI Residential Compound, Funkwhale)
      • people-power (time banking, commitment statements)
      • knowledge (documentation, creative assets)
    • The collective is the steward of the emergent ANANSI philosophy.
      • The ANANSI philosophy is one of Black holistic distribution, growing out of the interdependence of pan-Africanism, while seeking to disrupt mass centralization across disciplines (politics, technology, economics, culture, community, spirituality, etc).
    • The collective continually experiments with and uses an emergent collection of collaborative praxis. This praxis includes:
      • conflux
      • collective budgeting
      • consensus and consent based decision making
      • reparational funding/capital redistribution
      • collective mythmaking
    • The collective is building a governance model structured around a participatory protocol, rather than a body of people. This envisioned protocol will include guidelines around:
      • membership
      • voting
      • praxis and project management
      • altering the protocol


    As a collective, our life blood is collaboration: collaborating within ourselves between members, collaborating with other collectives and institutions, and facilitating collaborations between members of our various communities.


    Over time, we’ve collaborated with dozens of artists, and we consider them all family for life. Our current active members are:

    Beyond the core collective that has explicitly collaborated with each other under the ANANSI name, we have an open community where we share resources, ideas, and care. Karibuni.


    We have a grand vision, and our collective praxis is how we’ve set about achieving those goals. Our praxis is a set of techniques and strategies based in our philosophy of distribution that we continually use in our projects and document and teach to all who are interested.


    We are hard at work building a resiliant heterarchical protocol to govern ourselves and the commons that we are creating. The ultimate goal is to create a set of rules and regulations that allows for and encourages all members to create proposals, access the commons, and alter the protocol without the need for static bosses and officials.

    Right now our protocol consists of:

    • Membership Guidelines
    • Voting Guidelines