1. Collectively produce art
  2. Establish a collective of artists
  3. Create community commons
  4. Generate documentation for other artist collectives to organize
  5. Generate income for artists and the maintenance of the collective





  1. Membership Guidelines
  2. Voting Guidelines




The ANANSI Regular Conversation is weekly meeting for members of ANANSI Revolutionary Collective and ANANSI Radical Community. The purpose of these meetings is:

  • To establish a virtual place for members of the collective to hang out casually and get to know each other as people.
  • To create a space for members to talk live with each other about things affecting the collective (ex: pending proposals)
  • To have a standing meeting time for members of the collective to host digital events like workshops, presentations, and performances. 

As a collective with membership distributed across the world, it is imperative that we create time for us to hang out with each other as humans, without “productive labor” getting in the way and forcing us to see each other as workers. As we have these meetings, there is space for us to talk through whatever pressing matters exist for us as a collective, but the focus is first and foremost on caring for each other as individuals.

As of right now, the events take place on Tuesdays at 7PM EAT in Gather.Town and are open to all. The sessions are currently capped at 10 people per session, due to Gather’s limit on the number of free participants. If you’d like to see that number increase, consider supporting us with a recurring donation.